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Dead To Me Season 3 Filming Done: When Is It Releasing?

Dead To Me Season 3 Introduction

Netflix Dead To Me soon became a fan-favourite after its initial release in 2019. The excitement surrounding the show doubled after the release of season 2, which came out in 2020.

Since then it has been two years since Dead To Me released a season 3. This has led the fans to question “When will Dead To Me season 3 air?”

If you are anything like us, you will want to know about the Dead To Me season 3 release date. You are lucky to have found this page because we have included all the details related to Dead To Me season 3 in this post.

Dead To Me Season 3 Release date 

So when will Dead To Me season 3 come out?

It’s April 2022 and we still don’t know when does Dead To Me season 3 start. Just like everyone else, we are also waiting for them to update us with the Dead To Me season 3 release date.

As far as we know the team started shooting for season 3 in May 2021. Liz Feldman posted on her Instagram account to announce that the Dead To Me season 3 cast is back.

Thereafter, the team had to make some adjustments after lead cast Christina was diagnosed with sclerosis in August 2021.

At this point, the filming status or the release date of the show remains unknown.

Dead To Me Season 3 Cast

Dead To Me season 3 cast is likely to have all the major characters returning for the third time.

  • Christina Applegate as Jen
  • Linda Cardellini as Judy
  • Sam McCarthy as Charlie
  • Luke Roessler as Henry
  • Diana Maria Riva as Ana Perez
  • Brandon Scott as Nick
  • Suzy Nakamura as Karen
  • Max Jenkins as Christopher
  • Valerie Mahaffey as Lorna
  • Keong Sim as Pastor Wayne

Dead To Me Season 3 Trailer

Until we get an official Dead To Me season 3 release date, we won’t get a trailer. 

But we will update this section soon as they announce Netflix Dead To Me season 3 release date.

Dead To Me Season 3 Teaser

Unless the Dead To Me season 3 premiere date is announced, there’s no question of getting a teaser.

Dead To Me Season 3 Plot & Storyline: What to expect?

So what will Dead To Me season 3 episode 1 be like? If you want updates regarding the season 3 plot, read this section carefully.

We are expecting season 3 to pick up where we left off. In that case, the show will start with Judy and Jen again in a big mess and Ben trying to dump his ride and pretend that he is elsewhere.

Dead To Me Season 2 RECAP: How did the previous season end?

The last season ended with Judy and Jen meeting in a tragic road accident. The duo is hit by Ben’s car. His car crashed into them and destroyed Charlie’s car. 

However, Judy and Jen didn’t notice that it was Ben who hit them. What happens next will be shown in Dead To Me season 3 Netflix.

Dead To Me Season 3 Reviews & Ratings

The Dead To Me series received high ratings on both platforms. It has got an 8/10 rating on IMDb and 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

We are hoping that Dead To Me season 3 Reddit will be as good as the first two seasons.

Where to watch Dead To Me Season 3?

If you are wondering where to watch Dead To Me season 3, it will be released on Netflix. But at this moment, we don’t have an exact release date.

However, you can stream the previous two seasons if you haven’t watched them before.

Dead To Me Season 3 Renewal Status

Dead To Me season 3 cancelled or renewed? Well, season 3 is happening, but we are yet to get a release date.

But as far as future seasons are concerned, we don’t have any updates on that yet.

Final Thoughts on Dead To Me Season 3

Fans are eagerly waiting for Netflix Dead To Me season 3 to release. Don’t worry, we will update you as soon as we know more. Till then stay tuned to this page.

Dead To Me Season 3 FAQs

What was in Judy’s letter Dead to Me?

Jen wrote a letter to Judy when she was going to turn herself in for Steve’s murder. She mentioned in the letter that she was sorry for not forgiving Judy for Ted’s death.

Is season 3 of Dead to Me cancelled?

No, Dead To Me season 3 is not cancelled. It is already in the making, but we are yet to get a release date.

Is there a season 3 of Dead to Me?

Yes, Dead To Me season 3 is on the way. But the makers haven’t revealed the release date yet.

Is Natalie Morales in Dead to Me season 3?

According to a Linda Cardellini fan account on Twitter, Natalie Morales was spotted on the sets of Dead To Me season 3.

What did Charlie find at the end of Dead to Me?

Charlie discovered Jen’s letter that she wrote to Judy underneath her bed.

Do they find out who killed Steve? 

Judy killed Steve in Dead To Me.



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